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Design Debt 101
Virtual Workshop for your Team

Audit your Design Debt

Create an actionable plan

Unblock your Team’s potential

Design debt strategy

Our programme is based on 3 phases that will transform how you approach Design Debt:

Abstract list

Recognise & audit

Strategy plan

Pay off & use strategically

Group of circular shapes

Grow sustainably

Your Team should not be held back

Our product is growing slowly
Our customers complain
Our Team is unhappy
Experience feels inconsistent
Our adoption dropped
We’re growing, not scaling
It’s difficult to introduce new features
Onboarding takes a long time
Our backlog is full of good ideas we struggle to execute

Are you experiencing these Design Debt symptoms in your organisation?

Transform your relationship with Design Debt

from negatively impacting your growth to using it strategically to your advantage.

Planning your workshop

Schematic calendar with two days selected

Choose a date

Workshop will take place over 2 days, 4h each day.

Invite your Team

Block off time on your team’s calendars.

Share materials

Send our articles to your Team to get them started!

Are you experiencing these Design Debt symptoms in your organisation?

Your Team will learn how to:

Identify and manage Design Debt

Understanding Design Debt is key to growing your product sustainably and taking calculated risks.

Get buy-in from stakeholders

We teach how to communicate your message about Design Debt to various departments and decision-makers.

Align their efforts to achieve the goal

Your Team needs to be on the same page to execute the strategy across all the disciplines seamlessly.

Change your organisation’s culture

Managing Design Debt requires a global change in the approach to innovating and design processes.

Use Design Debt strategically

Leveraging Design Debt can speed up innovation and lead to the exponential growth of your company.

Create processes related to Design Debt

Establishing good processes will help you gain long-term control over your Design Debt and keep it on the desired level.

Workshop deliverables

A Design Debt 101 facilitator will prepare and lead a customized workshop for your Team. During the workshop, you will go through a series of mini-lectures and group exercises. You’ll then produce the deliverables that your Team is aligned on and ready to execute immediately.

Design Debt audit

Prioritized action items

Long-term strategy

Analysis of your Design Debt in your product and processes.

Solutions that bring the biggest return or are the most urgent.

Plan on how to make Design Debt work to your advantage.

Book a workshop

Step 1: Schedule an intro call

The first step is an intro call to get to know your company: the needs of your Team and your expectations from the workshop.

You can also email us directly at or use the contact form.

Keep learning about Design Debt

Use our free resources to gain better understanding about Design Debt before the virtual workshop with your Team!

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The 'What' and 'Why' of Design Debt

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Measuring Design Debt

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