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by Outdraw Design
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About the authorOutdraw Design

About the author

Alicja Suska is a Product Designer, Illustrator and Animator. Her work at companies like Sourcegraph, Workfront, and Toggl equipped her with the experiences necessary for understanding and researching Design Debt.

She’s noticed the disproportion between the attention given to Technical Debt and Design Debt. Those two similar and connected problems are treated entirely differently. Technical Debt is a well-known problem with resources explicitly dedicated to alleviating its consequences. On the other hand, Design Debt is present only as a vague concept with less maturity regarding systemisation and solutions.

Design Debt 101 is Alicja’s attempt to popularise the knowledge about Design Debt, research the problem further, offer solutions to the Teams and build the community around this topic for the benefit of the whole tech industry.

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